If you have actually a kid or daughter that is virtually old enough to take driver’s education and also get a driver’s license, girlfriend are most likely researching which auto safety features are the many reliable for your child’s an initial car. In fact, over there is no safety feature that has the strength to stop all types of injuries in all species of accidents. Driving has actually progressively become safer since the innovation of the automobile, partly due to the fact that of safety and security features, and also partly since of much better roads and much more detailed traffic safety laws.

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When a new feature in a auto is especially reliable at to reduce the severity of injuries that happen as a result of a car accident, vehicle manufacturers hasten to include that feature to all your models. Some features that are now legally forced to be had in all cars were once considered an intricate safety attributes only discovered in the many expensive automobiles. Us take them because that granted, even though cars would be much an ext dangerous there is no them. Despite the array of safety features available in today’s cars, car crashes remain one of the leading causes of severe injury, and also the auto accident lawyers at Foster Wallace, gmbh can aid you recuperate compensation if you have actually been injured.

The the safest Safety attributes in her Car

When new, modern safety features debut, the is difficult to tell even if it is they will revolutionize auto safety or even if it is they will certainly be short-lived fads. While some safety features generate buzz on vehicle enthusiast websites, a decade later they may only ever before be mentioned on nostalgia listicles. These six safety functions have continuing to be power:

Seat Belts

Seat belts have actually probably prevented much more car accident fatalities than any type of other feature of cars; the fatality rate in car accidents was alarmingly high before seat belts ended up being a conventional feature. The development of the seat belt actually precedes the invention of the automobile. The British technician George Cayley developed the an initial seat belt in 1849 and also used the in his glider, a forerunner of the airplane. In 1966, the United states federal government produced the nationwide Highway traffic Safety management (“NHTSA”), and one of its very first actions was to do seat belts causing obligation in automobiles. Today, many front and rear chair belts have actually both a lap belt and also a shoulder harness. In the late 1980s, some models that cars had actually shoulder harnesses that automatically engaged, however this function was soon discontinued, since it led to drivers forgetting or selecting not come fasten their lap belts, which are an ext effective in ~ protecting world from injury. According to the NHTSA, the 37,133 world killed in motor auto crashes in 2017, 47% were not wearing chair belts. Further, in 2017 alone, seat belts saved an approximated 14,955 lives and could have saved secondary 2,549 people if they had actually been wearing seat belts.

Shatter-Resistant Glass

Windshields and windows do of shatter-resistant glass are likewise now conventional in cars. The glass is laminated in a product that protects the glass from breaking right into sharp shards that can reason serious injuries come riders if the windshield or home window breaks. As soon as something hits the shatter-resistant glass hard enough to rest it, it rather breaks right into tiny pellets that execute not have sharp edges.


You more than likely take automobile bumpers for granted and also do not think that them together a safety and security feature, yet there to be a time once cars did not have bumpers, and in those days, cars were much much less safe 보다 they room today. Also a minor bump can cause significant damage come the body of the car and also injure the passengers. If you have ever before gotten into a fender bender and also laughed the off, you have actually your car’s bumpers to say thanks to for that.


This is an apparent one. Exactly how dangerous would certainly it be to journey without mirrors? We watch a many of instances of the driver at-fault claiming they walk not view the other party indigenous his or her mirrors. If you can show that the driver might have watched you if the next mirrors and rear check out mirror to be positioned properly, then the driver can be found at fault because that the accident. Imagine how tough it would be to drive if your car did not have mirrors.


Airbags, i beg your pardon inflate once an electronic sensor signals that there has been a collision, have the right to cushion the affect and protect against serious injury, also stopping the driver or passenger native making call with the windshield or steering wheel. In 1988, once Chrysler contained airbags in all their auto models, the public concerned them as a fancy fad, yet they were ahead of their time. Over time, vehicle manufacturers have actually refined your ideas around where to ar the airbags to administer maximum security without causing added dangers. The ubiquity of airbags is one of the main reasons the all states have laws about a minimum age or height at which kids can drive in the former seat and also why infants and toddlers should ride in rear-facing safety and security seats. Follow to the NHTSA, frontal airbags conserved 25,782 lives between 1987 and also 2008.

Pre-Collision Technology

In the past couple of years, brand-new models of cars have consisted of standard or optional features that alert drivers of the risks of an imminent crash, so that the driver can react in time to stop the collision. None of this have come to be universal in cars for this reason far, however some of them are an extremely popular. A examine by the Highway loss Data Institute established that automatic emergency braking, front collision warning, and adaptive cruise manage were effective at preventing mishaps and injuries, yet lane centering technologies and also front cross-traffic warns were not effective.

When Safety features Do Not keep You Safe

No car, no matter just how well-designed, is completely accident proof. The risk of getting seriously hurt in a auto accident is really real. If your injuries are worsened since of a feature of the car, you might have grounds for a product legal responsibility lawsuit versus the auto manufacturer. Even if the car did everything right however still might not avoid your injuries, the remedy that a lawsuit against the driver who led to the accident is still available to you.

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