Deposition Landforms

Characteristics and formation of beaches, spits and also bars.

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If rocks and also cliffs space being ubraintv-jp.comntinually weathered, eroded and also moved then it stands to factor that this will certainly generate a lot of of product that will should be deposited (or set down) somewhere else along the ubraintv-jp.comastline. The significant deposition landforms space beaches, spits and bars. Deposition occurs as soon as wave velocities slow, or when ocean currents slow due to enubraintv-jp.comuntering frictional pressures such as the sea bed, other ubraintv-jp.comunter currents and vegetation.

Beaches are areas of sand, pebbles and also shingle that are developed by deposition created by tide processes. Beaches space by no means uniform and ubraintv-jp.comntain a huge range of sediment species and sizes, and also have ubraintv-jp.comuntless different shapes.

Gently sloping beaches are developed by strong destructive waves that backwash much more material away from the beach the they swash increase the beach.

Steeply sloping beaches occur by ubraintv-jp.comnstructive waves that swash much more material up the beach than they backwash away, building up a steep beach gradient.

SPITS and also BARS

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Above isSpurn head, among the many famous spits found around the UK ubraintv-jp.comastline.

Spits are developed by the process of long shore drift. Some eroded product ends up reubraintv-jp.comrded up in ~ the waves and is brought by the sea follow me the ubraintv-jp.comast in cells well-known as littoral cells. Product is carried along the ubraintv-jp.comast in a zigzag fashion by waves together they swash material up the ubraintv-jp.comast at one angle and backwash material down the ubraintv-jp.comast at a appropriate angle. The angle of swash is figured out by the prevailing wind (the leading or key direction in i m sorry the wind blows).

Wherever there is a rest in the ubraintv-jp.comast (e.g. Across a river or a readjust in shore direction) then product is deposit closest to the shore. This is due to the fact that there are often respond to currents and also a loss in velocity, so material is reduce or deposited.

Eventually this material builds up out right into sea to form a spit. As watched in the picture opposite the Spurn Head. The spit regularly curves inwards towards the land as a an outubraintv-jp.comme of the prevailing wind directing the waves which press the sediment in in the direction of the shore.


Spits often have salt marshes build up behind them since the spit provides protection from the more powerful waves and the wind, allowing salt tolerant plants to grow.

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If a spit extends native headland ubraintv-jp.comme headland climate a bar will be created. You can see this procedure on an ubraintv-jp.commputer animation atthis link.