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A word that way someone isn"t a people"s person, someone that feels much more comfortable there is no the need of girlfriend or family and also keeps to themselves.

Example: I have a talent in music and drawing. There"s tons of instrumentals I want to placed words to. I"m likewise trying to hone my skills to attract free-handed which will take a far-ranging amount of time. And also as if the dozens the anime collection I haven"t finished watching wasn"t bad enough; in enhancement there are a good number of other TV shows that I desire to capture up on. Ns don"t have actually the time because that nor the inclination to lead a busy social life.

In short, "I"m kind of a ________. You might say, I"ve obtained too much on my plate".



A loner (noun):

A human being that prefers no to associate v others

"my interest in birdwatching had actually made me a little of a loner"

self-contained (adj.):

(Of a person) quiet and independent; not depending on or influenced by others

"I have the right to look after ~ myself much better than most people; I"m me contained."

Source: ODO

I imply the native recluse characterized by Oxford thesaurus as:

recluse (noun)

A human being who stays a solitary life and also tends come avoid other people.

"He appears to be rather of a recluse, he rarely goes the end on the weekends and tends come shy away from brand-new people."



My favourite term for such a human being is lone wolf.

This originates in the animal realm: a lone wolf is one the left the pack and also is obliged to administer for itself. However, it uses to persons that live or act alone, together well.

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You could speak to that person a solitary individual.

From TFD:

solitary adj following or enjoying a life that solitude: a solitary disposition

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