An independent clause is a group of indigenous that consists of both a subject and also a predicate. The expresses a finish thought and can stand alone as a sentence. The can likewise be join to other dependent or independent rule to make a more interesting and facility sentence.

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Independent clause

Here room 23 the independent clauses that deserve to stand alone together a sentence:

I enjoy sitting by the fireplace and also reading.Waiting to have actually my car’s oil readjusted is boring.She desires to travel the world and also see exorbitant sights.Our planets revolve around the sun.The professor always comes to class completely prepared.Hurricanes strengthen over warm waters.It is good to handle the hardest chores first.Meredith addressed the leaky faucet every by herself.The soprano sang the aria perfectly.Cheetahs are the fastest soil animals.Hiking and also biking are my favourite summertime activities.It is very important to brush your this twice a day.We have the right to hardly wait to view the movie.This fall’s television line-up is lacking in diversity.The brand brand-new Italian restaurant is beautiful decorated.There is a most apathy concerning the upcoming election.Andrew determined to purchase a sundae rather of a double-scoop cone.Joan teaches science and also algebra in ~ the community college.The squirrels are busy storing nuts for the winter.I favor to swimming laps to stay in shape.Peter and Elaine can not decision if they wanted to elope or have a large wedding.The team persevered and also finally broke the tie.The Alps in Switzerland room breathtaking.

Independent Clauses join By a Coordinating conjunction

Here are of 2 independent rule joined together in one sentence by a comma and also a coordinating conjunction:

The beach is a most fun, yet the hills are better.A team of us went to the movie, and us agreed it to be enjoyable.I went to the store, but ns forgot to bring my shopping list.He saw the template park, and the went on all the rides.I really want potato soup, but the cafe just served seashells chowder.Today is Thursday, and the check is top top Friday.She had actually just bought 2 gorgeous dresses, so she needed to get matching shoes.I really want to check out the game, but the shopping mall is having actually a vast sale today.She interviewed for 3 jobs, but she really desires to work here.We all looked really tired, for we had stayed up every night cramming for the final.

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Independent Clauses join By a Semicolon

Here are of 2 independent clauses join in a sentence by a semicolon:

I visited the department of engine vehicles today; i took the written driving test.Monica brought the drinks; Frank carried the key dish.This is one of my favourite books; Pride and Prejudice is an additional favorite.My little brother refuses to go to bed early; the is fear he will miss something.The leg is narrow; the flow is wide.He is going come the cabin; he intends to stay there all weekend.During your hike, they i found it a storm moving in; they determined to rotate back.There was a solid wind in ~ the beach; we controlled to have a good time anyway.I was really happy; I had pizza and also ice cream.Some authors like to usage a indigenous processor; others write utilizing pen and paper.

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