One in which movement occurs in a variety of axes. See: ball-and-socket joint Synonym(s): polyaxial joint.





The location where two or more bones meet. Part joints are fixed or immobile attachments that bones; other joints enable the bones to move along each other. A share usually has actually a thin, smooth articular cartilage on each bony surface and also is fastened by a joint capsule that fibrous connective tissue. A share is classified as immovable (synarthrodial), contempt movable (amphiarthrodial), or easily movable (diarthrodial). A synarthrodial joint is one in i beg your pardon the 2 bones are separated only by one intervening membrane, such as the cranial sutures. One amphiarthrodial share is one having actually a fibrocartilaginous disk in between the bony surface (symphysis), such together the symphysis pubis; or one v a ligament uniting the two bones (syndesmosis), such together the tibiofibular articulation. A diarthrodial joint is one in i beg your pardon the adjoining bone ends room covered through a thin cartilaginous sheet and also joined by a joint capsule inside wall by a synovial membrane, i beg your pardon secretes synovial fluid. Synonym: arthrosis (1) See: illustration


Joints are additionally grouped follow to their motion: ball and socket (enarthrodial); hinge (ginglymoid); condyloid; pivot (trochoid); gliding (arthrodial); and also saddle joint.

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Joints deserve to move in four ways: gliding, in which one bony surface ar glides on an additional without angular or rotatory movement; angulation, emerging only between long bones, enhancing or to decrease the angle between the bones; circumduction, arising in joints written of the head the a bone and also an articular cavity, the lengthy bone relenten a collection of circles, the totality forming a cone; and also rotation, in i beg your pardon a bone moves about a main axis without relocating from this axis. Angular movement, if it occurs forward or backward, is dubbed flexion or extension, respectively; far from the body, abduction; and also toward the median plane of the body, adduction.

Because of their location and consistent use, joints space prone come stress, injury, and inflammation. The main illness affecting the joints space rheumatic fever, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and gout. Injuries consist of contusions, sprains, dislocations, and penetrating wounds.

A share in i beg your pardon the round finish of one bone fits into the cavity of one more bone. Synonym: enarthrodial joint; multiaxial joint; polyaxial joint

Charcot joint

See: Charcot, Jean M.

Chopart joint

See: Chopart, François

Clutton joint

See: Clutton joint

cochlear joint

The sound created by forcible movement of a share by contracting the muscles that contract or expand a joint, esp. The metacarpophalangeal joints. The cause is no known.
Either that the encapsulated, dual synovial joints between the condylar procedures of the mandible and the temporal skeleton of the cranium. The dual synovial joints are separated by one articular disk and duty as an upper gliding joint and also a lower modified hinge or ginglymoid joint.
A joint characterized by the presence of a cavity in ~ the capsule separating the bones, permitting considerable freedom of movement.
Any that the zygapophyseal joints of the vertebral column between the articulating facets of every pair that vertebrae.
A joint the is extremely relaxed, the distal section of the body being virtually beyond the manage of the will.
A synovial joint having only forward and backward motion, together a hinge. Synonym: ginglymus See: hinge joint
a synovial joint in which 2 bones flex and also extend in just one plane, usually because side (collateral) ligaments limit the direction that motion, e.g., elbow joint.
A synovial ball-and-socket share in which the head the the femur fits right into the acetabulum that the i know good bone. Much more than seven separate ligaments host the share together and also restrict that is movements.
A joint that permits rotation of a bone, the share being developed by a pivot-like procedure that transforms within a ring, or by a ringlike framework that turns on a pivot. Synonym: rotating joint; trochoid joint

plane joint

A synovial joint between bone surfaces, in which only gliding movements are possible.

polyaxial joint

Ball-and-socket joint.

joint protection

A an approach for minimizing anxiety on joints, including ideal body mechanics and the avoidance of continuous weight-bearing or deforming postures.
The articulation in between the sacrum and the ilium that the i know well bone. Joint activity is restricted because of interlocking the the articular surfaces.
A joint composed of three arthrodial joints, the bones of i m sorry articulate with the bases the the metatarsal bones.

temporomandibular joint

Craniomandibular joint.

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trochoid joint

Pivot joint.

ulnomeniscal-triquetral joint

The useful articulation the the distal ulna, articular disk, and triquetrum. The disk may subluxate following injury or v arthritis and block supination the the forearm.
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