One that the most common questions we get is: What size of a table execute I need to sit people? also when we mention the size they’ll need, it deserve to still be difficult to visualize for most precisely how everyone will sit at the table. In order to help, we developed this nice small guide on the various sizes that tables, how many civilization you have the right to sit, and the many comfortable way for everyone to sit.

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Let’s begin with pipeline first. Nearly any table deserve to come through leaves. The dominance of ignorance we favor to usage is for every 2 leaves, you have the right to sit secondary 2 people. This additionally applies come 1 leaf. Once you include in one leaf, you’ll have the ability to add second person to each side.

Each of our leaves will be 12″ wide (unless otherwise specified). This can also be said as: 24″ = 2 people.

Chair an are can vary but a comfortable number is typically a 3″ gap between each chair.

When it concerns square or round tables, commonly a 42″ and also 48″ will be able to sit the very same amount the people similar to a 54″ and 60″ can. We have seen some diagrams that display a 48″ can sit 6 people. This is highly situational. The only method something prefer that is possible if it a pedestal layout table. When you sit 6 world at that type of size, it is a an extremely tight fit as well.

Oval & rectangular Tables

On any type of style table, a 42″ x 60″ and also 42″ x 66″ will certainly seat 6 people. A 42″ x 72″ can sit 8 people yet only in a twin pedestal style. Foot tables and also trestle tables will have the legs and middle base acquire in the way. They’ll only have the ability to seat 6 uneven you add leaves.


Typically, most tables come in a 42″w standard. You are able to rise that to a 48″ wide. This doesn’t increase the quantity of civilization you can sit at her table. This simply creates part extra foot room because that those on the corners. The one thing to keep in mind once you boost the width, it have the right to make that more daunting passing dishes and condiments. Quite than just passing the salt, you can have come toss the salt.

Looking to purchase an apartment sized dining room collection with 4 chairs. Interested in the total price for same dependent on the form of wood supplied of course. Give thanks to you.

Question – if ns did a 54″ round with an 18″ expansion that would certainly take me come 72″. How many human being could fit roughly that then? Conceivably 10 people?

Hi, I have actually a dinning room that measures 120″ x 120″.

What dimension table should I buy if ns go because that a round one?What dimension table is ideal if i decide come buy a rectangle-shaped one?I need to sit a minimum the 6 people.

I really evaluate your answer.Milagros


I to be looking to purchase a heavy Amish style Farm Table through NO leaves. Looking come seat six (6) people using four (4) Windsor format spindle next chair and also two (2) arm chairs on every end.

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What is the renowned size or conventional dimensions for this format of table and for the number of chairs?

Thank you

I would like a round table the has extension leaves to chair 10. Mine room can handle a 60″ ring table, which would certainly be the set up most of the time. Top top holidays we would certainly bump approximately seat 10. I choose a cut down style. What carry out you recommend?

Hello, I require a table the seats 12 v 4 on each side and 2 at every head that the table. Leaves would be ideal so we can keep a smaller size for day-to-day use. What size table is recommended? our dining room is 15’x12′. Us are searching for a grey or black stain. Would certainly this it is in custom? What cost? give thanks to you!!

I am inquiring around a rectangle-shaped table that can seat 12-14 (with leaves). 2 at every end and also 5 ~ above the sides. Our dining room is 15×15. Prefer the rustic mahogany stain. Carry out you have actually pictures to look at?

Hi, I have a space that is 12′ x 18′. I would certainly really love to have a round table, that could extend come an oval with the leaves. What is the maximum size I can fit? ns am no sure just how much room to leave for chairs in between the table and the walls.

Also, perform your leaves have actually the table edge on them as well? Thanks!

I to be looking at the 42×60 oval table, I have existing chairs that room 20 inches wide. Is it probably to to the right 6 world comfortably? This is because that a kitchen table. Say thanks to you!

I’m in search of a round table with a single pedestal that will seat 6 comfortably. If I obtain a 54″ table v 2, 12 customs leaves, will certainly it sit 10.Thank you!

We have a 12ft by 13ft dining room. I would prefer to sit 8 people on this table. What size need to I looking for? I like rectangle form over round.