While there room over 300 varieties of thyme, almost all those the culinary usage are ranges of T. Vulgaris, a aboriginal of southern Europe and also the near East. Thyme is used specifically for flavoring meat dishes and soup stocks. It is a really important herb throughout southern Europe, phibìc Africa, Anatolia, and the Near and Middle eastern as much as Persia, climate tapering off into India. The is likewise important in the Caribbean and also is famed as a an effective medicinal throughout its range. Thyme dries reasonably well so it is regularly used together a dried herb.

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Fresh, this herb have the right to be discovered even in the herb section of most North American supermarkets. Dried it can be found in every spice section. Keep in mind that, though the Near and also Middle Eastern surname for Thyme is "Zatar", in the sectors this word generally defines a summer sprouts mix include thyme and/or its close to relatives along with other herbs and spices.


leafy stems, if fresh and in good condition, will certainly keep about a week loosely wrapped and also refrigerated. Dried thyme must be retained in a strict sealed container far from heat and light. That is relatively durable and can be used used for at least 6 months, probably up come a year.


"A youth of thyme" is how thousands the recipes speak to for fresh thyme, a measure up which they conveniently fail come define. I"m walking to define it here as what has functioned well for me - a single main stem around 5 inch long consisting of its minor side branches. The picture at the height of this page has three "sprigs", and I"m call the middle one the "standard" sprig, and also the reduced one a "large sprig".

Recipes calling for fresh thyme in teaspoon measure median for it to be pipeline stripped indigenous the stems. This is not constantly easy, as the stems frequently break up once you try to strip the leaves, or the leaves merely don"t desire to come off. A sprig, as identified above, will yield about 1/3 teaspoon of fresh leaves (loosely packed).

Dried thyme and fresh thyme are interchangeable v some distinction in flavor. The standard ratio is 3 t fresh = 1 t dry, however this is frequently hard come measure. Figure 1/4 tespoon of dried thyme leaf is equivalent to a fairly big sprig, such as the lower one in the picture above. If you use powdered thyme, usage 3/4 as much as you would certainly dried leaf.

Keep in mind that cookbook writers are regularly sloppy and also often presume your methods and also sizes median the very same thing the human being around. English cookbooks are amongst the worst offenders. The instance on the net is also worse than that - so constantly use your own best judgement.


In general, words "thyme" alone in a recipe method fresh thyme. If dried thyme is expected it have to be specified as such. Thyme bring away time to relax its flavors so it"s usually added to the recipe in the beforehand stages. The easiest method to use fresh thyme is simply toss in a sprig (or more if referred to as for) and fish the tribe out later in the cooking. The leaves will certainly all have actually fallen turn off by then.

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Thyme - Other

While Thymus vulgaris is by far the most necessary culinary thyme, other types are additionally used to a lesser extent.

Caraway Thyme
- This thyme gets its name from usage to season "Barons the Beef" in England, though it is indigenous to Corsica, Sardinia and Majorca in the Mediterranean. It has a strong caraway scent and also can be used as a instead of (or angry versa).Hungarian Thyme, Eurasian Thyme - Used for its lemon-like odor in herbal teas, and also to flavor jams and also candies. It is uncovered mainly in Russia and also eastern Europe.Creeping Thyme, Wild Thyme - offered to season meat dishes, particularly stews, cabbage and vegetable bowl containing zucchini and also eggplant. The dried pipeline are used in organic teas. This thyme is indigenous to many of Europe and also North Africa and is widely distributed in north America, an especially as a ground cover.mt_thymz 100502 - www.ubraintv-jp.com©Andrew Grygus - agryg
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