To convert a liquid ounce measurement to a milliliter measurement, multiply the volume through the switch ratio.

because one liquid ounce is same to 29.57353 milliliters, you deserve to use this an easy formula come convert:

fluid ounces and also milliliters are both units supplied to measure up volume. Keep analysis to learn more about each unit that measure.

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Fluid Ounces

The US liquid ounce is a unit the volume equal to 1/16 of a pint or 1/8 that a cup. The fluid ounce is periodically referred to together an "ounce" however should no be perplexed with the unit that mass. One fluid ounce is equal to simply under 29.6 milliliters, but in nutrition labeling, one fluid ounce is rounded to specifically 30 milliliters.<1>

The fluid ounce is a us customary unit the volume. Fluid ounces can be abbreviated together fl oz, and also are additionally sometimes abbreviated together fl. Oz. or oz. Fl.. Because that example, 1 fluid ounce have the right to be written as 1 fl oz, 1 fl. Oz., or 1 oz. Fl..


The milliliter is a unit of volume equal to 1 cubic centimeter, 1/1,000 the a liter, or about 0.061 cubic inches.

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The milliliter is one SI unit that volume in the metric system. In the metric system, "milli" is the prefix because that 10-3. A milliliter is sometimes additionally referred to together a millilitre. Milliliters deserve to be abbreviated as ml, and are also sometimes abbreviated together mL or mℓ. Because that example, 1 milliliter have the right to be written as 1 ml, 1 mL, or 1 mℓ.

Milliliters are occasionally expressed utilizing the abbreviation cc for clinical dosage, i beg your pardon is the abbreviation for the cubic centimeter.

Fluid ounce to Milliliter switch Table

fluid ounce dimensions converted to milliliters liquid Ounces Milliliters
1 fl oz 29.57 ml
2 fl oz 59.15 ml
3 fl oz 88.72 ml
4 fl oz 118.29 ml
5 fl oz 147.87 ml
6 fl oz 177.44 ml
7 fl oz 207.01 ml
8 fl oz 236.59 ml
9 fl oz 266.16 ml
10 fl oz 295.74 ml
11 fl oz 325.31 ml
12 fl oz 354.88 ml
13 fl oz 384.46 ml
14 fl oz 414.03 ml
15 fl oz 443.6 ml
16 fl oz 473.18 ml
17 fl oz 502.75 ml
18 fl oz 532.32 ml
19 fl oz 561.9 ml
20 fl oz 591.47 ml
21 fl oz 621.04 ml
22 fl oz 650.62 ml
23 fl oz 680.19 ml
24 fl oz 709.76 ml
25 fl oz 739.34 ml
26 fl oz 768.91 ml
27 fl oz 798.49 ml
28 fl oz 828.06 ml
29 fl oz 857.63 ml
30 fl oz 887.21 ml
31 fl oz 916.78 ml
32 fl oz 946.35 ml
33 fl oz 975.93 ml
34 fl oz 1,006 ml
35 fl oz 1,035 ml
36 fl oz 1,065 ml
37 fl oz 1,094 ml
38 fl oz 1,124 ml
39 fl oz 1,153 ml
40 fl oz 1,183 ml


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