Using this currency converter, friend can uncover the present exchange rate for the Dollar (ISO Code: USD) versus the Euro (ISO Code: EUR) and also a calculator to convert from Dollars (USD) to Euros (EUR). In the complying with table you"ll uncover information about the Euro and the Dollar.

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Country: the Eurozone


Variation versus USD:

Devaluated -1,87% in the last 30 days.

Devaluated -4,06% in the critical year.

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Country: US


The dissension is the money of the US. Among the nations that border through the us are: Mexico (Mexican Peso / dissension converter) and Canada (Canadian dissension / dissension converter).In 2016 the US received a full of $ USD in remittances.
From Euros (EUR) come Dollars (USD)
1 Euros1.13 Dollars
5 Euros5.65 Dollars
10 Euros11.29 Dollars
50 Euros56.46 Dollars
100 Euros112.92 Dollars
500 Euros564.59 Dollars
1,000 Euros1,129.18 Dollars
5,000 Euros5,645.88 Dollars
10,000 Euros11,292 Dollars
50,000 Euros56,459 Dollars

From Dollars (USD) come Euros (EUR)
1 Dollars0.89 Euros
5 Dollars4.43 Euros
10 Dollars8.86 Euros
50 Dollars44.28 Euros
100 Dollars88.56 Euros
500 Dollars442.80 Euros
1,000 Dollars885.60 Euros
5,000 Dollars4,428.00 Euros
10,000 Dollars8,856.01 Euros
50,000 Dollars44,280 Euros


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