In the summer of 2019, Brad Arnold looked out right into the crowd and also noticed a bunch the kids, hand up in the air, singing along to “Kryptonite,” a tune released nearly two decades earlier—when this younger concertgoers were most likely not also born—on 3 Doors Down’s debut The much better Life in 2000.

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“There were probably 10,000 civilization at the show, however in the very first 150 feet the the crowd over there wasn’t anyone that wasn’t over the period of 18,” claims Arnold, still proud that the reach of the band’s 2000 hit. “They were just jamming come ‘Kryptonite,’ and when the song gained over, ns was just laughing. I was like, ‘yo, that’s therefore awesome.’ I claimed ‘that song is older 보다 every single song person here.’ Those kids’ parental were play it, so they have been hearing the their whole lives.”

Written by Arnold if he was in his high institution algebra class—where he tended to write most songs because that his band—in his indigenous Mississippi nearly 30 years earlier, “Kryptonite” started with a drum beat that Arnold tapped the end on his desk. Taking the track to band practice, he operated plugging in etc parts and also drums in former bass player Tod Harrell’s living room. “Kryptonite” to be born.

Ultimately, “Kryptonite” is around friends. Named after the fictitious mineral building that was Superman’s weakness, “Kryptonite” took on a an ext omnipotent effect as a song, Arnold’s rigid of the people that choose you earlier up when you fall.

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I watched the civilization float come the dark next of the moonAfter all i knew, it had to it is in something to carry out with youI really don’t mental what wake up now and also thenAs lengthy as you’ll be my girlfriend at the end


Thinking ago to those kids in the audience, chanting v the “Kryptonite” chorus—If ns go crazy, then will certainly you still call me Superman? / If I’m alive and also well, will you be there and holding mine hand? / I’ll save you by my side with my superhuman might—Arnold is still thankful for “Kryptonite.”

The band’s first single, obtaining its an initial play ~ above a Biloxi, Mississippi radio terminal 97.9 WCPR-FM and also reaching multi-platinum condition upon release, adjusted the trajectory the the band. Generation ~ generation, Arnold says “it never ever gets old.”

“Sometimes ns get worn down of singing it,” admits Arnold. “It’s hard, since you might tend to autopilot, however in doing for this reason it permits me to sort of just look out there and see the audience.”

The tape recently commemorated the second decade the the The better Life, which also spawned access time “Loser” and “Be prefer That,” through a one-of-a-kind 20th anniversary reissue the the album.

“It’s tough to think it’s been 20 years since we released The much better Life,’” claims Arnold. “That album drastically adjusted our lives.”