Baking and creating in the kitchen can be component science, component experimentation. It have the right to be hit or miss concerning the quantities of ingredients, even if it is you’re finding lock in books, online, old or new. Measurements and amounts vary in between different recipes and conversion charts. So occasionally the finest person I can rely ~ above for constant measurements, is myself. I usage the same measuring cup for every little thing I do, and swear by investing in kind digital scale too.

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All of mine recipes are measured on scales in grams, therefore this takes out the guessing and also the differing sizes of cups roughly the country. Therefore to make it simple, I’ve unable to do through and measured out a cup of miscellaneous ingredients i have baked with so far and converted them into grams not just for others, but additionally myself. I’ll also continue to add more converted ingredients with time as I usage them.


The miscellaneous flours easily accessible in shop today, cater for numerous different diet requirements, mindful health choices or also to provide a recipe an entirely brand-new texture or flavour. The quantities may only vary slightly, but it can be make or break.

1/2 Cup1 Cup
Plain Flour 85g170g
Self raising Flour 85g170g
Wholemeal Flour 80g160g
Coconut Flour (Packed) 75g150g
Rice Flour 88g175g
Cocoa (Packed) 50g100g

Sugars were not all created equally. However, in ~ the end of the day, they are all over there to add a small sweetness to our lives. Even if it is you’re after ~ refilled or unrefined sugars, there space lots to choose from. Education yourself, taste the differences and get experimenting.

1/2 Cup1 Cup
White Sugar 125g250g
Caster Sugar 120g240g
Icing Sugar 85g170g
Soft Brown sugar (Packed) 123g245g
Raw Sugar 110g220g
Coconut Sugar 85g170g
Panela Sugar 95g190g
Demerara Sugar 125g250g

There space endless quantities of ingredients the don’t autumn under flours or sugars. So below are a bunch that miscellaneous, yet relevant, ingredient you may find helpful from day come day in the kitchen.

1/2 Cup1 Cup
Coconut – Dessicated43g85g
Coconut – Shredded 48g95g
Almond Meal 58g115g
Rolled Oats 50g100g
Buckwheat Groats 110g220g
Amaranth 115g230g
Millet 80g160g
Quinoa Grain 100g200g

Occasionally when browsing food websites (particularly American) I would come throughout recipes the ask for a stick of butter. Here in new Zealand it come in a block and that sound like more than a stick. For those that have also come throughout this predicament, below the mystery has been solved.

1/2 Stick1/457g4
Double Stick1227g16

I use a measuring jug for all of my liquids, yet it still feels choose a guessing game using her eye to referee the amount. The exact same goes with measuring spoons, even if it is you have any type of on hand, I also feel these vary so much and also all you can do is hope for the best. Listed below are some conventional conversions for fluid that may be helpful.

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MetricCups & Spoons
5ml1 tsp
15-20ml1 tbps
60ml1/4 Cup
125ml1/2 Cup
250ml1 Cup
375ml1 1/2 Cup
500ml2 Cups
750ml3 Cups
1 litre4 Cups

I’ve however to use a gas oven, but in new Zealand we primarily use ovens the measure temperature in levels celsius. V that said, numerous recipes tho talk around fahrenheit which climate leads us to Google to double check we won’t burn anything.

CelsiusFahrenheitGas Mark