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I have a 2011 XLE Camry.Just got to 5K miles and also the MAINT EXCLAMATION allude LIGHT is lit and also the post \"MAINT REQUIRED\" is shown all the time currently on the message display screen on the speedometer.How perform I reset the light/message??I have actually tried the \"hold the expedition reset button for 5 sec as I revolve the ignition come on......\" an approach described in various other threads.....and that does not work on my 2011 XLE.Thanks, man McGriff
2011 Camry SE V6 completely Loaded w/o NaviBC racing Coilovers through custom 7/4kg Springs23mm UR gyeongju RSB18x8.5in liquid Red work-related Emotion CR Kai\"s
Yeah, thanks for that wide range of information.It\"s not in the manual on how to reset it (states that it is excellent at the dealer).....but, walk not recognize if who knew a work-around that.John
Its time to lug your car into the dealership therefore they can rotate your tires and also check her fluids. From there they will reset friend light for youProblem Solved
Thank you.....I understand (I have that scheduled for at an early stage next week)....but, in the while it\"s an extremely bothersome to have that message and light barking in ~ me......I was just inquiring within the forum if anyone had the secret-hook-up-work-around.
Try this:1. Revolve the an essential to \"on\" so that electric system is fired up (but engine is not running)2. Collection trip planner to \"A\" trip. 3. Turn key off (no electrical) 4. Hold down trip planner button, then turn key to \"on\" for this reason that electric system is fired increase (but engine is not running). 5. \"Maint Req\" light will certainly blink numerous times and then walk off.I i think it\"s the very same to 11 Camry.
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- TRD wheels, TRD suspensions- OEM replica navigation with iGo/Tomtom/...- urgent LED signal next mirrors v JDM control switch- HID retrofit headlights through S2000 projectors and Denso ballasts, fog lights

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Mudguards, MTEC 4,750K Fog/High/H9 Low, Chrome (GS400 Wheels, Pillars, Hybrid Grille, reduced Grille, tribe Lift, Door Handles), wood Steering Wheel, Red the end LED Tails, Eyelids, 19MM RSB, Strut Bar, LED-Power Folding,Heated Mirrors, OEM NAV.
2011 Camry SE V6 totally Loaded w/o NaviBC gyeongju Coilovers v custom 7/4kg Springs23mm UR racing RSB18x8.5in candy Red occupational Emotion CR Kai\"s
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