my light came on as soon as it to be time for a oil readjust but I had not reached the mileage. Ns don"t drive much so v the first crank that would blank a few times then go off however tonight it blanked and stayed on is that normal.

Most most likely it was no reset effectively last time it was done it need to be OK to drive through maintenance irradiate on or blinks the light serve as a reminder only and have no other result on the vehicle

I have a 2005 Camry SE that has actually 9500 mile on it. The maintenenace compelled light has actually come on and was no cleared when I take it it in for service. How do ns clear the light.

Your owner manuel should have actually the procedures you need to follow to clean this light. That is no cleared instantly when maint. Is performed. These steps are required. The light will certainly come on again after a pre-set number of miles and also this procedure will need to be repeated each time.

electric problem2005 Toyota Camry 4 cyl front Wheel journey 20000 milesthe maintenance req"d light is on and also it isnt the gas lid being top top wrong. I additionally just had the oil changed.Should i go come a mechanic or is it simply some quirk through that light. Had actually the oil level checked and it the appropriate level and also color.

hello there, friend will need to visit your mechanic together there is an unresolved fault password in the ECU, there will be able to do a scan to review this code and also this will provide you info on the faulty component.Mark (mhpautos)
mine Maintenance required light is on, what can be the problem, had it on prior to but that flashed climate went off, my oil change was due. This light is continiously on, what could be some feasible problems.
This is simply an engine oil instead of reminder. Do the complying with steps to reset the maintain reminder..

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ns am transforming the oil for the very first time since I to buy the car, I"m not the original owner. I must know just how to reset the engine maintain light top top the dash. I looked in the guide and also did no find any type of description there.
rotate the key on and collection the expedition meter come odometer. Turn the vital off. Depress and also hold the pilgrimage meter button and turn the on if still depressing the pilgrimage reset button. The odometer display will display 5 dashes, climate 4 then 3, 2, 1, then every zeroes. Done. If the doesn"t work try the very same procedure starting from the "trip A" screen.
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