ns recently had actually my automobile in to replace a motor mount and when I obtained the car ago the test engine light was on. Is there any means that by jacking increase the motor to adjust the motor mount that they might have inadvertently traction something loosened that could have resulted in the light to come on. The auto still runs great. I also had one o2 sensor changed around 6 mos. Ago. The scans and also says some sort of evaporation problem, what can that be?

hello droberts1960, Thank you for the donation.It is possible something had been dislodged or damaged or simply coincidence.Get a totally free scan excellent at Autozone and let me recognize the trouble code so we can zoom in top top the item the is leading to the problem.

The code that come up to be p0497, faulty purge selenoid sensor or vent selenoid and also something about evap system. Where are these located and also are they daunting to change?

here are the place diagrams. I have sent the diagnostic documents to your email. Let me know if the comes out correctly.

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hi KHLow2008, ns am having actually the same concern on my 2004 Honda civic EX with the P0497 error. If you can please email me any kind of info on addressing it ns would greatly appreciate it!My house email is tony1034
aol. ComOr, droberts1960, if you obtained the email from KHLow2008 and see this write-up you can always email me what he sent you too.Thanks and best regards, Tony P.

Awesome! give thanks to you! I"m simply heading the end of work but will inspect my residence email once I gain in.I went to inspection terminal to get my vehicle inspected and also vecause that light to be on they failed me.It"s to be coming on and also off the critical 2 months. Commonly after I obtain gas however that can be simply a coincidence. It might be since I started it up this AM and went ago inside to obtain my stuff. The car sat there idling for about 10 minute so that can be illustration the irradiate on too. If i drive it for a few days it"ll go back off because that a while.
If you require more assistance, just reply come post and I will certainly get earlier to you.Have a nice main end.
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