Do you have actually a 2.9 GPA? space you wondering even if it is a 2.9 is good, and also what colleges you can gain into with a 2.9?

We"ve created the most comprehensive guide to your GPA here:

Find out which colleges friend can acquire into v a 2.9 GPA.Learn how you have the right to raise her GPA.Learn what you must be doing to maximize your possibilities of obtaining into the ideal colleges.

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Quick disclaimer: uneven standardized test scores choose SAT/ACT, GPA policies vary indigenous high school to high school and also from university to college. Some usage weighted GPAs and also others use unweighted GPAs. In this guide, we’ll usually talk about unweighted GPAs and also compare friend on a national and college level.

As we"ll describe below, the actual GPA number is simply one measurement of your coursework. The difficulty of her courseload is essential - the more complicated your classes, the much more colleges are willing come excuse a dip in GPA.

Finally, even though this guide focuses on a 2.9 GPA, ours advice is the very same for close GPAs, prefer 2.92 and 2.88 GPAs. You can use this guide for every GPAs in between 2.85 and 2.94.

Is a 2.9 GPA good?

A 2.9 GPA method that you"ve earned mainly Bs in all of your classes. This GPA is slightly listed below the 3.0 national typical GPA because that high college students, for this reason it will certainly limit the selection of colleges where you can expect to be accepted.

We"ve analyzed the college student profiles at 1500+ colleges throughout the joined States and the median GPA that its just arrived students. Here"s exactly how a 2.9 GPA compares come the nation:


9.88% the schools have an typical GPA listed below a 2.9.

Competitive For:154 Schools

You can use to colleges and have a an excellent shot at gaining admitted.

Missing the end On:1405 Schools

You have a low possibility of obtaining into v a 2.9 GPA.

To elaborate, the national average for GPA is about a 3.0, for this reason a 2.9 put you listed below average nationally. Keep in mental the 3.0 national median represents every students, not just students applying to college, therefore the median GPA of student admitted come colleges is higher than the nationwide average.

Here"s much more custom advice for you if you have a 2.9 GPA. Click her grade level to view our evaluation.

At this point, friend still have plenty that time left come raise her GPA prior to you apply to college. A 2.9 GPA is lower than what"s embraced by many colleges, so to give yourself an ext options in the application process you need to make an initiative to obtain your grades up. If you"re thinking around applying come any details school, you deserve to search for it in the following section to watch what your chances of admission can look favor with a 2.9 GPA. Also if the outcomes aren"t encouraging, shot not to worry too much. You have the potential to obtain your GPA up over a 3.0 if friend work difficult in the next pair years.

By sophomore year, your GPA will have become much more an overwhelming to change. You may still have the ability to raise that a bit if you placed in a far-reaching effort during your junior year, so keep pushing yourself. If girlfriend can control to do really well her junior year, you will impress colleges with your development even if your GPA doesn"t change that much. If you finish up v a 2.9 senior year, you"ll be somewhat restricted in where you can use to college.As a sophomore you may not be certain where you want to apply yet. If you do occur to have any schools in mind, you must search for them in the following section. You"ll get a percentage reading on just how likely the is because that you come be welcomed with your current GPA and test scores.

Since it"s her junior year, her GPA is pretty collection in stone. Friend only have a reasonably short lot of time prior to college applications, so you need to start analyzing your choices with your current GPA. A 2.9 will finish up ruling out a most schools together safe options, yet you still have actually some liberty of choice. you may already know wherein you"re thinking of applying - if so, try looking up some schools with the search tool in the following section. It may be valuable to view your odds of acceptance so friend can acquire a sense of exactly how to framework your applications so the you have sufficient likely options.

As a senior, you have the right to be certain that your present GPA is the one the will end up on your college applications. A 2.9 GPA will limit friend in where you deserve to realistically apply to college, however you"ll still have plenty the viable options. at this point, you might have already begun the college application process or in ~ least have actually a list of colleges where you plan on applying. If you"re interested, you can look increase colleges with the search device in the next section to see what your opportunities of join look like with a 2.9 GPA. You might think about adding colleges to your list to provide yourself an ext safe options.

Your opportunities With a 2.9 GPA

This is most likely the greatest question on her mind. What colleges deserve to you obtain into through a 2.9? What room your chances of admission at your top choice schools?

We"ve constructed a tradition admissions calculator the calculates your chances based upon the 3 most important components to determining your opportunity of admissions:

The school"s join rateYour GPAYour SAT/ACT score

Here"s how to use this calculator:

Choose the sat or the ACT, relying on which you"re takingChoose your current SAT/ACT scoreEnter the surname of each college you"re interested inChange her SAT/ACT score to see exactly how your possibilities change

How would your chances enhance with a far better score?

Try to take it your existing SAT score and add 160 clues (or take her ACT score and include 4 points) to the calculator above. See how much your opportunities improve?

This is essential when you"re considering her GPA. Friend probably recognize how tough it is to pull up her grades and also GPA. If you boost your SAT/ACT score, you"ll have the ability to show colleges the you"re academically ready for college.

At, we"ve developed the leading online SAT/ACT prep program. We guarantee an innovation of 160 satellite points or 4 action points on your score, or your money back.

Here"s a review of why we"re so much an ext effective than various other prep programs:

There"s a lot an ext to that makes it the finest SAT/ACT prepare program. Click come learn an ext about our program, or sign up for our 5-day cost-free trial to inspect out because that yourself:


Can You enhance Your GPA?

We’re not going come sugarcoat it: GPAs aren’t simple to improve. The later you space in high school, the much less your GPA will readjust before you apply to college.

For example, if you"re at this time a junior in high school, your qualities in freshman and also sophomore year will anchor her GPA so the your junior grades won"t be able to adjust your total GPA much.

Here"s a calculator for you come see just how much her GPA deserve to improve in various cases. Choose your current grade level, and also then choose your future qualities up until college applications. We"ll present you how high or low her GPA deserve to be, relying on your grades from currently forward.

Your grade Level
Current GPASemesters RemainingFuture GradesGPA because that Applications

Warning: due to the fact that you have no semesters left, your GPA won"t readjust by the moment college applications are due. You"ll need to apply with a 2.9 GPA. Together we define next, your ideal chance at improving your possibilities of acquiring in might be to improve your SAT/ACT score.

Final Verdict and also Advice

From the info presented above, you deserve to see the your 2.9 GPA is slightly listed below average because that a high institution student. The essential thing to take away from this in ~ this early on stage is the you have actually a most time come improve! your GPA isn"t terribly low, and if girlfriend work tough for the following two years you should have the ability to raise it to a level that will certainly make friend a compete applicant at many much more schools. currently is the moment to address any issues you"re having actually with your study habits and also work with your teacher to correct misunderstandings. If you deserve to start to obtain into far better habits beforehand on, you"re an ext likely to stick v them and also make big improvements end the course of the next couple years. A 2.9 GPA can obtain you into less selective colleges, however to give yourself more options you should do your best to make whatever alters you deserve to in order come raise your grades.

After reviewing your opportunities of join at different colleges through your existing GPA, you"ve probably realized that it"s going come be complicated for friend to get into selective schools if you continue to be at this level. Since a 2.9 is reduced than average, it borders your alternatives quite a bit. It might not be simple to readjust your GPA after ~ this year, however it"s still possible. Also if you just take a pair more complicated classes small year and also improve your qualities slightly, colleges will notification the effort you placed in to rotate things around.

Sophomore year is additionally when friend might begin the planning stage of studying for standardized tests. You need to aim to take the satellite or ACT early on in your junior year so the you can gain them out of the method before application time. Try to devote some serious focus to studying for this tests - high test scores can make a huge difference in exactly how attractive you are to colleges. In ~ this point, be mindful that naught is set in rock yet, and also you have a possibility to boost your GPA and earn high check scores the will have a strong positive influence on the applications process.

You can see that while her GPA isn"t low enough to jeopardize your possibilities of gaining into college, that will finish up putting some boundaries on your options. It"s going come be complicated to adjust your GPA at every this so late in the game, so your best shot at increasing your possibilities of admission at a more comprehensive range that colleges lies in elevating your standardized check scores. If you haven"t already, you should plan out when you"re going to take it the satellite or ACT and start studying. Through a hard effort, girlfriend may end up through scores that really impress colleges and also take some of the emphasis off of your slightly lower than mean GPA. Overall, friend shouldn"t have actually a problem getting right into a college that you like as lengthy as you room realistic about the constraints your GPA areas on the application process.

Though you"ve most likely currently begun the college application process, hopefully this short article was helpful in giving some an ext perspective on wherein your GPA will obtain you. Together you make plans come send the end applications, be sure that friend keep in mental the constraints that a slightly lower than mean GPA locations on her options.

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If girlfriend think friend may have the ability to improve your satellite or act scores, friend still have actually time to take the check again. Numerous colleges will allow you to send in scores together late as February that your senior year ~ you"ve already submitted your application. A greater test score deserve to go a long method towards boosting your chances. Based on your GPA, friend shouldn"t have trouble being accepted to at least a couple schools the suit you.