WWE"s Headquarters in Stamford is a place of tricks for many wrestling fans, however there have been some facts and also photos that have actually been revealed.

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For many things, the WWE is a pretty open book. YouTube videos, WWE Network documentaries, and a constant presence on society media discover a lot of behind the scenes action within the company. Even with all of these revelations, there is one thing that is kept covert from pan – the WWE headquarters. The enigmatic, black structure may was standing tall in Stamford, Connecticut, but very couple of fans have gotten a peek inside.

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many thanks to rarely footage, Superstar footage, and also exclusive looks, a number of secrets have been released about the headquarters with the years. Learning about these keys can provide you a better look into the daily life the Vince McMahon and also WWE together a whole. Learn around these secrets and also see what revelations you deserve to learn about the WWE. That knows, probably one work the structure will be open to the general public for paid tours and visits. For now, you have the right to read and learn around classic WWE props, Vince McMahon"s office, and ways that Triple H stays associated to the entire WWE empire. This facts will make friend look in ~ the headquarters in one entirely brand-new light.

Updated on respectable 16, 2021, by Peter Sotiriou: with WWE gift a touring company putting top top live events everywhere in the US and all end the world, there"s only one official place that deserve to be taken into consideration home, and also that"s their headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut. Officially named Titan Towers, this building houses the McMahon family offices, as well as numerous vital rooms, consisting of WWE"s video clip vault and also the WWE Warehouse, which stores a ton that props and also memorabilia supplied over the years. While fans deserve to visit the location and also take pictures from the outside, no one from the general public is allowed inside the headquarters. With that said, the spotlight is being concentrated on Titan Towers, offering a sneak emergence at what go on behind the scenes.


WWE Livewire

While people are prohibited from visiting Titan Towers, WWE fans have actually checked out the inner of the building on multiple occasions. Earlier during the mindset Era, the agency used to film WWE LiveWire, a unique display where pan could speak to in, asking questions and interact with whoever to be a guest the week.

ultimately they reduced the fan interaction and also it simply became a weekly recap of WWE happenings. Several of the many memorable moments on the show consisted of the WWE-ECW cross-promotion angle, and also Faarooq dropping clues for the development of the country of Domination.

16 *Money In The bank 2020

money in the financial institution 2020

The pandemic forced WWE to get an imaginative in 2020. With their Money In The financial institution PPV, rather of having regular ladder matches, the company instead made decision to simultaneously broadcast both Men"s and Women"s MITB matches from inside Titan Towers.

rivals made their means through the building, needing to reach the rooftop whereby a ring to be placed, together the suspended MITB briefcases. It was a hectic but fun complement that revealed a many the rooms within WWE headquarters, most notably Vince McMahon"s office when AJ Styles and also Daniel Bryan busted their way through his door.

Vince McMahon WrestleMania 37

Vince McMahon Dinosaur Fossil

together the proud owner that the WWE, you understand that Vince McMahon has a enormous office inside the headquarters. The only method to to fill the enormous office is with massive decorations. This is why Vince McMahon has actually a large Tyrannosaurus Rex fossil presented in his office. The T-Rex represents Vince"s massive appetite because that life, according to a tweet indigenous the boss.

The fossil actually came to Vince together a gift indigenous his son-in-law Triple H. When filming the movie The Chaperone, Triple H felt inspired by the dinosaur fossils provided in the film. Vince must have actually really evaluate the gift, together Vince regularly uses it for a backdrop while posing for pictures in the office. If things keep going in the appropriate direction because that the WWE, Vince may even get the rest of the dinosaur constructed up. We"re quite sure the office has room for it.

WWE has actually spent years recording all species of video. Along with WWE Pay per Views, episodes of Raw, and also even B-shows choose Superstars, there space years and also years worth of clip available. Every last second of taped footage is available in the massive video vault located adjacent the WWE headquarters. Looking choose something out of Indiana Jones, the entrance to the vault is impressive sufficient as that is, however it only gets far better once you acquire inside.

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The vault consists of wall-to-wall videos. Not just does this encompass the WWE, however footage libraries have actually been purchase from many other wrestles companies choose WCW. Every one of the footage is meticulously organized and much the it has been digitized for use on YouTube, DVD releases, and also the WWE Network.

12 Performance center Live Feed

as Triple H relocated up the this firm ladder, he take it on a lot of the obligation at the WWE power Center and NXT. Constantly traveling from Stamford, Connecticut to Orlando, Florida can consume a most time. To help keep a tab on things while in Connecticut, Triple H has actually exclusive access to a live video feed from the performance Center. This allows him to watch recruits, give suggestions, and also see how things space going ~ above a day-to-day basis.

This is a large improvement that has enabled Triple H to preserve as much manage as possible. He"s no just acquiring reports, he"s seeing every little thing first-hand. If only the WWE Network would permit fans to clock the exact same feed. It deserve to be like a variation of Big Brother; NXT Edition.

The Stamford, Connecticut location of WWE Headquarters may seem random, however there are countless benefits. One of the an ext obvious factors is exactly how close the headquarters room to brand-new York City. This provides it a lot easier for superstar to travel from vast events and back to the headquarters. MetLife Stadium and also Madison Square Garden are less than an hour away.

one of the other large advantages is the the headquarters is located simply minutes far from Greenwich, Connecticut. Greenwich is the very rich town that Vince McMahon call home. Not just does Vince McMahon live there, however so do Stephanie McMahon and also Triple H. When the family members actually gets a chance to take trip home, they can easily stop by the headquarters any time they require to.

10 The WWE Warehouse

The absent car via twitter.com

One look in ~ the storage facilities approximately the headquarters and it"s simple to tell; Vince McMahon is a hoarder. Think the a landmark WWE prop and also it"s most likely to be stored in the warehouse. Vince has actually kept part crazy points in the warehouse end the years. This includes the initial ring provided for the an initial WrestleMania, the substantial SmackDown fist, and also a racecar the was sponsored by the WWE.

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The warehouse is to fill with thousands of items that will certainly one day develop an impressive WWE museum. Fans would flock to acquire close to these items and also relive several of the best moments in WWE history. Not only are all of these items retained in the warehouse, however they are kept well and also kept in nearly mint condition.

once you first enter the WWE headquarters, you room treated come a little version of the WWE hall of Fame. Two vast statues are presented in the lobby. The very first statue is the WWE room of reputation inductee Andre the Giant. The life-size cast showcases the Superstar"s massive frame and towering arms.

simply a couple of feet far from the Andre the giant statue is a bronze statue of The ultimate Warrior. ~ the Warrior"s untimely passing, the WWE debuted a one-of-a-kind statue in the surname of the wrestler. The statue attributes The Warrior in his trademark ring gear and also face paint. Both statues really collection the mood because that the headquarters and are a vast highlight that the HQ. Throughout an illustration of WWE Swerved, huge Show in reality dressed up as a copper statue and also posed between the various other two statues, causing quite the moment.

8 The WWE Graveyard

one of the creepiest parts of the warehouse in ~ the headquarters is the collection of items that rivals most graveyards. Thanks to The Undertaker, the WWE warehouse is home to much more than a dozen different caskets and also coffins. These containers were supplied in classic matches pitting The Undertaker versus the likes of Shawn Michaels, Kamala, and Yokozuna.

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together with the caskets, the warehouse also features headstones the were custom-created for all of the buried Alive Matches. This has The Undertaker"s buried alive matches against rock Cold Steve Austin, Mankind, and Kane among others. Throughout Halloween, it would be awesome to see every one of these props on display in some kind of WWE Graveyard or haunted residence attraction. Just include in The Boogeyman and they would have actually a substantial hit on your hands.

together a multi-million dollar company, you know that the headquarters needs to be decked the end with several of the nicest designs. This also includes extra details in the elevators as well. Some sets of elevators in the headquarters include large television screens that space constantly streaming content. This contains live WWE shows as lock air contents that is showing on the WWE Network.

A an excellent look at these elevators can be viewed in a unique prank video clip that was tape-recorded at the headquarters. This prank contained The Boogeyman hiding in elevators and then popping the end at the last moment to fear unsuspecting employees. Along with televisions, you deserve to view the engraved part of the elevators. These sections showcase a message about the WWE Universe and also its worldwide mission.

6 The Conference Room

writing for the WWE seems choose a never-ending job. Planning out storylines includes long-term plans, weekly plans, and special plan for events like WrestleMania. To aid stay organized and also keep anyone on the exact same page, the WWE headquarters functions a enormous conference room for writers. More than twenty writers deserve to fit in this room in ~ the very same time. It functions multiple computers, white boards, and other types of technology equipment.

These room the large rooms that have actually helped setup out epic feuds, great comebacks, and the increase of number of Superstars like John Cena, Randy Orton, and The Rock. While a number of writers take trip on the road, over there is a large group the creates continuous content in the headquarters. It would certainly be good to a check out doc-series that complies with the life the a WWE writer.

The wall surfaces of WWE headquarters room constantly filled with posters and promotions that upcoming events. The main lobby is a great place to view few of these posters. For example, the very first WrestleMania poster is regularly revealed in the lobby. Large versions of the posters are regularly printed and displayed in between the Andre the Giant and also The can be fried Warrior copper statues.

The WWE graphics team has developed some nice spectacular posters with the years, and it must be awesome come walk under the halls and also see them all in your glory. Together with the posters, there are a number of framed tho shots special iconic wrestlers and also matches. The above wrestling images frequently have little engraved plaques through dates and also WWE occasion names printed on them.

4 The Assistant"s Floor

Mick Foley with boy Dewey. via youtube.com

The massive WWE writing crew requirements a devoted group of aides to help with tasks, planning, and also organization. To assist keep the flow going in ~ the WWE headquarters, castle have dedicated a whole floor to these assistants. The aides each obtain their very own cubicle where they are fast at work completing tasks and also helping construct all varieties of stories.

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A great glimpse of this floor was checked out on the WWE Network reality present Holy Foley. ~ above the show, Mick Foley helped his son obtain a project as a writer"s assistant. Fans room treated to a glimpse the this floor and the functioning life because that Mick"s son. It was a distinct look at some of the dedicated workforce for the WWE. Hopefully, an ext footage showcases this floor and also other employees v the company.

The WWE headquarters is no all business. The structure is home to a substantial fitness gym the is easily accessible for both employees and WWE Superstars. The gym has all types of state-of-the-art tools used to construct muscle, remain in shape, and also rehab old injuries. Imagine obtaining a opportunity to workout right next to Vince McMahon or Triple H. The gym is open up 24 hours a job and likewise has a substantial locker room to readjust in.

The headquarters" gym do a many headlines in 2016 once it to be revealed to be an main gym because that the Pokemon walk! App. Vince McMahon even tweeted around it gift an main gym that players might go and also visit. If the gym is only enabled for employees, many of them chose to capture and train Pokemons in the gym.

2 No guest Allowed

brock heyman via pwmania.com

among the worst parts of the WWE headquarters is that no visitors room allowed. The doors room locked every day long and also the only method to get in is if you are an employee or if you have actually a reserved visit. WWE Superstars and staff that are going come the headquarters actually have actually their own separate entrance.

when many world would love to go visit the headquarters, you cannot also go increase the enntrance gate without having actually security on your back. The the next fans ever before got to be for a charity raffle. The winner that the raffle obtained a an individual tour that the headquarters. This to be a once-in-a-lifetime possibility that has actually not been readily available again. Hopefully, something comparable is made available in the future. They can even carry out a special open home to the public. Team tours could make a lot of money top top an annual basis.

when the WWE has actually no official museum, you have the right to pretty much count the headquarters together one. Not just are there a constant rotation of main WWE props top top display, however past and also present superstar are always visiting. Through the warehouse, video vault, statues, and photographic memories, the headquarters is more like a museum than an actual ar of business.

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There has to be numerous dollars precious of merchandise in the structure alone. This has WWE action figures, DVDs, and ring-worn gear from her favorite Superstars. There"s just one means to obtain close to this and experience the can be fried WWE endure is come fill out a project application and also cross her fingers in wishes of getting a place with the company. Brand-new openings are constantly gift posted on their corporate website. Simply be prepared to work long hours and relocate to the Stamford, Connecticut area.

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