In general, the more pizza we have the better. This is especially true because that a Super bowl Party, so get ready because that some an excellent news concerning your forthcoming (safe and also socially distanced) celebrations for the big game in between the Chiefs and Buccaneers.

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If anyone make the efforts discourage you from purchase multiple big pies, don’t let them: the is practically always far better value to order larger-sized pizzas, follow to mathematics (well, an engineer). Here’s why.

It’s all about math

In 2014, Quoctrung Bui described for NPR’s world Money blog:

One day last year, one engineer and also I visited a pizza place for lunch. The technician told me the wasn’t really hungry, yet he claimed he to be going to gain the 12-inch medium instead of the 8-inch small—because the tool was an ext than twice as large as the small, and it expense only a small bit more. This kind of go out my mind.

...The math of why larger pizzas are such a great deal is simple: A pizza is a circle, and also the area that a circle increases with the square the the radius.

So, for example, a 16-inch pizza is actually four times as big as an 8-inch pizza.

And once you look at at hundreds of pizza price from about the U.S., you see that you almost always acquire a much, much much better deal when you buy a larger pizza.

The post likewise includes an interactive graph the compares average pizza prices from pizzerias and also chains across the country. You deserve to drag the slider in ~ the bottom of your graph to see specifically how much larger that enlarge pizza is compared to the smaller ones, and also at the average prices for each, exactly how much you in reality come out ahead.


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The pizza diameter device is obviously based upon pretty old data, but the general ascendancy remains for Super key 2021 and also beyond: larger pizzas mean an ext value for your buck. Because that example, one 18-inch pizza has roughly the same area as 1.7 14-inch pizzas or 5.1 8-inch pizzas. To acquire the exact same amount that pizza you obtain in one $18.68 18-inch pizza, you’d need to spend an extra $5.29 on 14-inch pizzas, or an extra $23.09 ~ above 8-inch pizzas. See how the numbers add up?

It’s virtually universally a much better deal—mathematically, mental you—to just get the enlarge pizza. This hypothetical instance will obviously it is in a little bit an ext expensive in today’s dollars, however the principle is unchanged.


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Of course, this is a mathematics exercise—a rational, logical technique of determining how to acquire the most return on your pizza investment. Clearly it doesn’t make sense to to buy a enormous pizza if you can not eat it all, don’t want to overeat, don’t have the funds to purchase the larger size, or have no method to keep the leftovers. Yet for all other occasions—especially the super Bowl, i beg your pardon just might be the most universally well-known national work of pizza consumption—get the enlarge pizza.

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I don't understand why a large glob of cheap and tasteless cheese is put on peak of pizza in this country. In Europe it's very small and high high quality cheese. Tiny is much more sometimes. Cheese additionally contains water and also by placing so lot it does not permit the dough come cook, therefore making the medium-rare dough. That's just how I like my steak, no my pizza.