Definition: A megabyte (symbol: MB) is equal to 106 bytes (10002 bytes), wherein a byte is a unit the digital details that is composed of eight bits (binary digits).

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History/origin: The megabyte is based on the byte, i m sorry is derived from the bit, and also is a unit that provides use the SI (International system of Units) prefixes. The prefix "mega" can be ambiguous; the SI use of "mega" would indicate that a megabyte is 1,000,000 bytes, or 10002 bytes, yet a base of 1024 (rather than 1000) is also used in information modern technology as a convenient method to express byte multiples as powers the 2. In 1998, the global Electrotechnical Commission attempted to resolve this by defining new prefixes to show a basic of 1024 quite than 1000. Quite than using the prefix "mega," in ~ this system of prefixes, 10242 is referred to as a mebibyte.

Current use: Megabytes space widely used in data warehouse for document sizes (documents, photos, videos, etc.) and for storage devices such as flash cd driver or, in the past, floppy disks. This particular day however, storage devices are commonly larger, frequently involving either gigabytes (10003 bytes) or terabytes (10004) the data.


Definition: A gigabyte (symbol: GB) is same to 109 bytes (10003 bytes), wherein a byte is a unit the digital information that is composed of eight bits (binary digits).

History/origin: The gigabyte is based on the byte, which is acquired from the bit, and also is a unit that provides use of SI (International device of Units) prefixes. The gigabyte is most generally understood in terms of its decimal definition of 10003 bytes. Over there is also however, a binary definition where a gigabyte is 10243 bytes. Because this deserve to be the source of confusion, in 1998, the global Electrotechnical Commission released standards that required the gigabyte strictly represent 10003 bytes. Prefixes to signify the byte being based on 1024 rather than 1000 were likewise created, v gibibyte referencing 10243 bytes. In spite of this effort, the gigabyte is still often used to signify either of these definitions.

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Current use: The unit the bytes and also all the multiples room used global for data storage. Computer files, difficult disks, Blu-ray discs, video games, etc. All save or save on computer storage room referenced in byte multiples such together kilobytes, megabytes, or gigabytes.

Megabyte to Gigabyte counter Table

Megabyte Gigabyte
0.01 MB9.765625E-6 GB
0.1 MB9.76563E-5 GB
1 MB0.0009765625 GB
2 MB0.001953125 GB
3 MB0.0029296875 GB
5 MB0.0048828125 GB
10 MB0.009765625 GB
20 MB0.01953125 GB
50 MB0.048828125 GB
100 MB0.09765625 GB
1000 MB0.9765625 GB

How to convert Megabyte come Gigabyte

1 MB = 0.0009765625 GB1 GB = 1024 MB

Example: transform 15 MB come GB:15 MB = 15 × 0.0009765625 GB = 0.0146484375 GB